Building Character & Elevating the Culture of Youth Sports—Across the World

Joey Brooks & Co

Notre Dame Youth Sports & Community Programs has partnered with the Play Like A Champion Today™ Program (PLACT) on several initiatives enabling us to benefit from research proven practices. PLACT assists us in providing a positive, healthy and developmental experience for young athletes. 

Beginning in the summer of 2012 ND Sports Camps will partner with PLACT to ensure our camp counselors understand the Play Like A Champion Today™  method of working with young athletes. This will help ensure a positive and enriching experience for our campers. 

PLACT plays a big role in the success of the Irish Experience Programs, which are formulated to share the holistic approach Notre Dame takes towards student-athlete welfare and development with youth in the community. 

ND Youth Sports and Community Programs have also partnered with Play Like A Champion Today on the PLACT-Uganda initiative. PLACT- Uganda is program that is incorpating the Play Like A Champion Today approach to child development and culturaly adapting it for children in rural Uganda. This program will infuse character development with HIV/AIDS awareness education, enabling children in Uganda to benefit, while affording student-athletes and non-athletes like to share their passions and perform groundbreaking research. 

What is PLC? 

PLACT is an innovative program that is based on best practices research and designed to assist youth and high school coaches, administrators and parents in promoting character development through sports. The PLACT model is transforming the culture of sports today for youth of all ages.   Play Like A Champion Today™, based at the University of Notre Dame offers an athlete-centered, research-based approach to coaching and sport parenting by offering interactive coaches clinics and parent workshops aimed at helping young people grow physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally through a positive and successful association with sports.

PLACT is a perfect fit for any school, league, or sports program that wants to help coaches make a positive impact on the lives of the athletes that they coach. 

PLACT partnerships with schools - Public, Catholic and Private; as well as youth sports organizations; leagues and parishes/dioceses across the country, and fosters growth in the lives of coaches, parents, athletes, and administrators every day.

PLACT's Youth and High School Coach Courses are Nationally Accredited by NCACE, National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. 

For more information on PLACT, please visit: www.playlikeachampion.org