Girls Soccer FAQs


Are the campers broken down by age group?

Yes.  We break the campers up into 3 age groups depending on the grade they are going into for the fall semester.  They are:

  • European Pro - 9th grade and up
  • World Cup - 7th and 8th grade
  • Junior Pro – 6th grade and younger

How are teams made?

We first split the campers by grade and then split them further randomly.

How competitive are the games at night?

We do our best to create a competitive environment throughout all of camp. One way we’ve done this with the games at night is to set up each age group like a tournament. As they go through camp, each team gets points for wins and ties and the 2 teams with the most points at the end of the week play in a Championship Game on the final day in front of the rest of their age group. Each player on the winning team wins a Notre Dame scarf.

Do goalkeepers train separately or with the field players?

During the 2 training sessions throughout the day the goalkeepers will train separately.  They will then join their respective teams at night for the games.

Can a camper train as a goalkeeper and as a field player?

Yes. Goalkeepers can train full-time or part-time. If they want to train as a field player as well then they only come to goalkeeper training part time. Part-time goalkeepers will practice with the keepers during the morning training session, but will train with the field players in the afternoon. At night, they will need to let their team coach know that they play both in goal and on the field so they get the opportunity to play both positions during games.

Do the campers get any feedback or an evaluation?

Yes. Each camper will receive a written evaluation on the last day of camp from her team coach. A goalkeeper will receive an evaluation from her keeper coach.

Who are the coaches/counselors?

We hire both coaches and counselors for our women’s soccer camps. All of our coaches are club, high school or college coaches. They are responsible for developing and running training sessions and coaching the teams at night.

Counselors are current college players from Notre Dame and other schools in the area. They are responsible for taking care of the campers in the dorms, walking them to and from the field and assisting the coach with demonstrations and any other needs they have during training and games. 

What is the player-to-coach ratio at training sessions?

We try to keep the player to coach ratio at practice to between 12 and 16 to 1 depending on the age group. 

Are there athletic trainers available for campers to get taped before playing or ice after?

Yes. There are athletic trainers available at each field location before and after each field session. They will have ice bags available at the fields.

Please note, our athletic training staff is not allowed to give out any pain medication (Advil, Ibuprofen, Tylenol).

What if my daughter needs to take prescribed medication during camp?

Campers taking prescription medicine must be responsible for their own medication. If your child cannot self-medicate, a parent or legal guardian must be available to administer medication during camp. If you decide that your child can self-medicate, please make arrangements to remind your child to take her medication. Camp counselors and athletic trainers are not allowed to hold or dispense prescription medication and will not be responsible for reminding your child to take her medication. Additionally, the health center will not hold or dispense medication.

Who takes care of the campers in the dorms in between sessions and at night?

All female camp staff personnel live in the dorms with the campers. Generally the counselors take care of the campers for minor issues or needs, but there are many adult staff members available at all times in case more serious needs arise.

How can a camper find a coach or counselor if she needs help?

Coaches and counselors can be seen up and around throughout the day. All staff dorm rooms are marked with bright poster board so the campers can easily identify them. 

Do you take non-boarders?

No. No exceptions!

What are the lectures/film sessions about?

For the lectures during the day, the staff will go over tactical concepts of the game (ex: attacking, defending, set pieces). These lectures are run by the Notre Dame coaching staff, including Head Coach Theresa Romagnolo. The night lectures vary a little bit by age group. The high school campers will attend a lecture on the process of college recruiting and selecting a college, as well as a lecture on strength & conditioning specific to soccer players run by a member of the Notre Dame strength & conditioning staff. The younger campers (non high school campers) will watch highlight films and attend the strength & conditioning lecture.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If an accepted application is withdrawn for any reason up until 8 days prior to the start of the camp session, you will receive a refund less a $75 cancellation fee. NO refund will be issued within 1 week of a camp session’s start date.

What is the All-Star Team, and how does it get picked?

The All-Star team is made up of high school campers the camp staff selects based on how the campers perform during training sessions and games at night. The All-Star team is announced at the morning lecture on the last full day and competes in the All-Star game that same evening after the night games against the camp coaches and counselors. 

Will the campers get to go on a campus tour?

Due to NCAA rules, we are not allowed to give campus tours ourselves. If a tour guide is available through the admissions office to give our campers a campus tour, we will do everything we can to make sure it is available to them.  No guarantees.

Can the campers go to Mass while at camp?

Yes. We will take all campers who wish to go to Mass on Sunday morning to the 6:30 am Mass held in the Sacred Heart Crypt. This is the only Mass they can attend. The camper must sign up at the camp store the night before. Counselors will then wake up the campers going to mass and walk them over as a group. You do not have to dress up to attend Mass. This service lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Is swimming available?

Swimming is available based on the hours of operation of the pool and only to the younger campers not going into high school. 

Can the campers go to the campus bookstore during camp?

On the last full day of camp the counselors will organize groups to walk over to the campus bookstore. This will be the only time the campers can go to the bookstore during camp. 

Do you have a camp store available?

Yes. There will be a camp store available every evening. The store will sell drinks, pizza and other snacks, as well as Notre Dame soccer apparel. 

Can we purchase extra T-shirts at the camp store?

Yes. There will be extra shirts and shorts available each night at the camp store, as well as at registration. Please note that although we do our best, we make no guarantees to have all sizes available.

Do the campers have to wear the ND shirts to every session?

Yes. In order to recognize which campers belong to our camp, as well as make things easier at training sessions and games, we require all campers to be in Notre Dame soccer shirts throughout camp. 

Can campers wear the extra ND soccer shirts they buy at camp to the sessions or only the 2 they are given?

Yes. They can wear any shirt bought at our camp store.

How much are extra T-shirts and shorts?

Prices can vary depending on the item, but most T-shirts and shorts are $10.

Are there laundry facilities available in the dorms?

Yes. There is a laundry room in the basement of each dorm. Counselors will be around to assist any campers who need help washing their clothes. 

We’ve been told to bring white socks. Do they have to be all white or can they have stripes on them?

The soccer socks the campers wear do NOT have to be completely white. They can have stripes on them. 

If we did not pre order a camp ball, can we buy one at the camp store?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee availability. We must make sure all of those who pre-ordered get their balls first. The cost of a ball that is not pre ordered is $40 whereas a pre-ordered ball is $35. If there are some available, they will be at registration and the camp store at night.

What is the camp bank?

The camp bank is a place where campers can keep their money so they are not responsible for it in their rooms throughout the day. There is no cost to take advantage of the camp bank. There will be a camp bank station at registration where the camper can set it up. To use the bank, all the camper has to do is put the cash (cash only—no checks) in a special envelope we provide. The camper will then write her name and other information on the envelope.  The bank is locked up by our Notre Dame camp staff to ensure its security. The only time campers have access to the camp bank is when the camp store is open at night. To get money out, a camper must go to the camp bank at the camp store and tell the people working her name and other personal information she listed on the envelope. Campers are allowed to get money out, as well as put money in, at any time while the camp store is open at night. 

Is there ice available in the dorms?

Yes. There is an ice machine in the basement of each dorm.

How do you handle roommate requests?

We do our best to meet all roommate requests; however, due to dorm limitations, we cannot always meet every request. We make NO guarantees. We will be under no obligation to honor requests received less than seven days prior to the start of camp. The majority of our dorms are doubles, but campers could be placed in singles, triples or quads depending on the dorm in which the camp is residing. Please know that if a triple or quad is requested, we cannot guarantee that one will be available. 

Does the camp provide transportation to and from the airport?

No. Campers will NOT be picked up/dropped off at the airport or train station. Campers are responsible for providing their own transportation to campus. The following are companies who provide services to and from the airport. The estimated cost is approximately $15 each way.

  • City Cab          (574) 233-2020
  • Yellow Cab     (574) 233-9333
  • Michiana Cab (574) 233-4040
  • Coach USA Bus – (800) 833-5555 - service available from Chicago airports

Can a camper arrive the day before and stay in the dorm before camp starts?

No. No early arrivals will be accepted