Recap of Irish Experience Camp: Week 3

Author: Kyle Hassett

This past Sunday marked the third of the four Irish Experience Camps, and they just keep getting better and better. The enormous turnouts from the South Bend children is no longer as big of a surprise as it once was. Nearly every single part of the Stepan Fields was covered with campers at play. Competitive games of flag football, soccer, and kickball were on the menu this weekend, and by the end of it all, we had successfully worn out about 200 kids.

But it wasn’t all fun and games this weekend. After the activities to start off the camp, the counselors took groups of ten campers from the Stepan Center to the Golden Dome and the Grotto for a symbolic Walk for Cancer. Many Notre Dame employees have someone in their lives that have been afflicted with the terrible disease, so it was important for this group to take some time out of the camp this weekend to honor them. Some of the campers also displayed some of their artistic abilities by making cards and signs for those with cancer. It was a truly touching display to see these hundreds of kids and counselors get together for one noble cause.

This summer has surely flown by, and the final installment of the Irish Experience Camps will be this upcoming Sunday. We want to get the biggest turnout yet for the last camp, so spread the word about this fun and engaging opportunity. Check below to see some of the highlights from this weekend as well as an interview with one of our many great volunteers. We’ll see you all this weekend!

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