Dine Like A Champion

Campus Dining


Our Sports Camps Office partners closley with Notre Dame Food Services in an effort to provide a holisitic camp experience for young and aspiring athletes.  We look to not only provide sport instruction from some of the finest coaches in the country, but also to educate our guests on the importance of their individual nutrition.  Nutrition will always have a direct impact on performance and we look to stress that to our summer campers during their stay with us on campus.  Most sport camp sessions enjoy their meals at North Dining Hall, the same venue which hosts many of our student-athletes throughout the calandar year.


Our Mission

The University of Notre Dame Food Services is a hospitality organization dedicated to providing the Notre Dame community and guests with high quality foods and services in a variety of settings. This mission is accomplished by being responsive to the changing needs and desires of our customers, while operating in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.

In our consistent pursuit of this mission we are guided by the following values:



Many of these same values apply when considering the necessary qualities to thrive in the world of athletics!

The link provided below is the 2015 Summer Sports Camp dining menu. The menu is a 7 day cycle that demonstrates typical items offered by Notre Dame Food Services to our campers.

2016 ND Sports Camp Menu

*Please disregard the dates on the menu.

Does your child possess a food allergy or special dietary need? 

We take great care to provide our sport camp guests who have special dietary needs which stem from food allergies or intolerances, with important food safety services. Depending on the severity, this service may range from providing a list of recipe ingredients to individualized meal preparation and specialty shopping. If your child has a food allergy, celiac disease, or other special health condition, please feel free to contact Jocie Antonelli, our University Dietician.  Please note that if you indicate on the health form portion of the online application ANY type of food allergy or dietary restrictions, that information is relayed directly from the Sports Camps Office to Jocie Antonelli.  Jocie can be reached by phone or email at the contacts listed below.  Click here to read more on Jocie's background and her role here at the University of Notre Dame.


email:    jantonel@nd.edu  

phone:   574-631-0106


**Menus and meal schedules for the summer months will be posted to this webpage as soon as those are finalized!**